The Gaffa Tapes: Fifty Ways To Lose Your Agent

11 Feb 2022

My first band gig was with a 17-year-old bass player who refused to wear shoes, and a stand-in drummer who’d drank half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and took a loaded weapon into the venue.

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What’s In A Name?

11 Aug 2021

I’ve often wondered if it is the industry that attracts such outsized characters, or that it just makes them weirder. Maybe it is part of the road life that scars our souls, and leaves names inked like a nominal tattoo, as titular legacies for later folklore

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Putting the thinking & feeling caps on

23 Apr 2021

We all have the ability to be creative. Creativity comes in many forms and guises, whether that is in the kitchen, the boardroom, the spreadsheet or at the easel

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Did the earth move for you?

2 Feb 2021

Duncan Fry recalls being in Santa Monica, California during the 1994 earthquake that topped out at 6.7 on the Richter scale.

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Missing in Action in the CD Era

24 Sep 2020

Duncan Fry uncovers some rare items from The Early CD Age while cleaning out the shed.

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Splendid Isolation

23 May 2020

Now’s a good time to learn a new language or new musical instrument, suggests Duncan Fry.

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Staying in Touch in NZ During the COVID-19 Pandemic

18 May 2020

Some tips and resources for staying proactive and connected during COVID-19, with a focus on the New Zealand tech industry.

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Duncan Fry – Par 43 Launch

22 Apr 2020

Duncan Fry puts a tentative toe into to the murky waters of lighting… A CX History extract from July-Sept 2007.

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Staying Safe Together

22 Feb 2020

John O’Brien discusses the importance of collaboration as a volunteer CFA firefighter.

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Cry havoc and let slip the junkyard dogs

12 Oct 2019

DUNK’S WORLD Cry havoc and let slip the junkyard dogs by Duncan Fry. According to Jim Croce, Bad Bad Leroy Brown was meaner than a junkyard dog. That’s a bit harsh on junkyard dogs – we had one next door to us at ARX for quite a few years, so draw close you youngsters, and…

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Crewing Services – From an Unashamed Loader

16 Aug 2019

INDUSTRY INSIDER Crewing Services – From an Unashamed Loader by John O’Brien. I got my start in the black box industry by pushing big black boxes in and out of trucks. I lived with a stage tech and our house was muso central but I wanted my own way in, so I rang an agency…

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Moving the Wall of Vinyl

31 May 2019

DUNK’S WORLD   Moving the Wall of Vinyl by Duncan Fry.   They say that vinyl (as in records, not wet-look trousers) is making a comeback. As I look at my wall of 12” LPs I realise that for a lot of us it never went away!   The reason I was looking at the…

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