14 Jul 2022

Clarity Audio Visual launches on back of commercial sector success

by Jenny Barrett

(Pic: Mark Patterson with the Clarity van)

It is about time for a ‘good news’ story to come out of the New Zealand audio-visual sector. Mark Patterson, well known for his audio expertise throughout the South Island, and increasingly in the North Island, has re-launched his business Lifestyle Audio Visual. After five years building a solid reputation for high quality commercial audio-visual installations and digital organ solutions, Mark and his team are excited to announce their rebranding as Clarity Audio Visual.

Founded in Nelson in 2015 and typical of a new business in a small market, Lifestyle AV operated across both the residential and commercial sectors. However, with the Covid pandemic and resulting challenges it brought to the AV industry specifically, pre-empting a relocation of head office to Dunedin, Mark and the team had to evolve and adapt to stay afloat.  Mark chose to play on the team’s strengths, specific backgrounds and more stable market opportunities. He refocussed operations on the commercial, community and houses of worship sectors. The refocus was successful and the business has grown fast, calling for a re-branding.


“The name Clarity Audio Visual reflects our focus on delivering clarity of sound, visuals and service, but it also represents the point that we are at in our business journey,” explains Mark, Company Director. “After five years we have refined our market, focussing on larger commercial and houses of worships projects, specifically those that need a higher level of expertise and niche problem solving, taking advantage of our skill sets. Whilst AV is still my lifestyle, Lifestyle AV doesn’t reflect what we do day to day anymore. “

Mark and his technical team see the rebranding as an opportunity to reinforce their commitment to high standards of product solution and service, “We are one of a small handful of dB installers and through that partnership we have access to the latest technology solutions and are achieving amazing results. There are exciting times ahead for the Clarity team, clients and partners.”

Mark reflects on the scale of the projects that his team have recently delivered: three stadium installs over the last three months including the Edgar Centre, Dunedin, with three basketball courts, the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre, Westport, with a swimming pool, and Saxton Stadium, Nelson, with nine basketball courts, “The team and I are enjoying the challenge of finding cool solutions that are well priced for our clients. The rebranding and focus on building our capability for large scale or niche commercial and community projects will mean we get to do more and more of what we love.”


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