Connections 68 August 1999


5    Choosing a PA for the Olympics
5    Biggest year ahead for production co’s
7    Turbosound celebrate independence
8    Letters
14  Pro Audio News

16   Supernova digital audio system
18   ASC/Wendt location mixer

20   EQ – FEEDBACK and equalisers by John Matheson
27   Club profile: Discovery in Darwin
30   Studio Round-up & BASF Tracking Guide
34   CD toasting: how NOT to make coasters
38   DR. G’s Gadget Grab Bag
42   Deep Fry lowers the tone. MA rated
43   Hire & Production Directory starts
67   How to do it: Live sound series- Mic’s
68   How to do it: Studio series- Microphones
69   Studio Mixing Consoles: Buyer’s Guide
71    The PA Page with Michael Orland

71     John Farham on tour. Special!
76    Offspring – Live!
78    The Beatels. No, it is not a spelling mistake
80    Circus Oz – a punter’s perspective

86    Who wants to be a millionaire?
88    Tech Talk: Earth Leakage protection
90    Hansel and Gretel
92    Promotion projectors: market report
100  Searching for new things at SMPTE Berlin: John Rayment reports
102  Lighting dimmers: Buyer’s guide