Connections 69 September 1999

6      Industry news, 8 pages of new products
8      Letters
30    Broadcast and Screen Audio
39    Studio Roundup, Tracking Guide
46    HUGE buyer’s Guide: Microphones
51     How to do it: Live Sound Series
52    How to do it: Studio Sound Series

53    Burn the Floor – Oceania secure international tour
55    Women In Voice – Princess Theatre
56    Punter’s Perspective: Macbeth
58    Elvis Lives! Gyrating to the Max

63    Changes in Film/TV Lighting Distribution
63    Moving Head Prices on the Move
63    Vari-Iite take on Martin
64    Big Sets, Little Stage Opera Australia’s Rinaldo
65    Glantre Engineering Cease to Trade
68    Are There Fibre Optics in Your Future – special report
73    Powderfinger: Lighting their Internationalist Tour
75    Product Comparison: Small-ish Moving-Head Spots
80    Shades of Blue: Lighting the The Nike Store in Melbourne
82    Buyer’s Guide: Fresnel Spots and Floodlights
85    Tech Talk: Fault Finding (part 1)
86    The PA Page: Michael Orland bows out