Connections 71 November 1999


News and Features
9   Fairlight move to the USA
9   Lake Technology launch float
9   DigiDesign debut hot new recording system, under 2 grand! _
12  Sennheiser announce S999 UHF mic system
13  ENTECH program announced
14  Yamaha PM1d console detailed
14  Harrison console stacks up the awards
16  My Favourite Mic! series starts
18  DJ Gear – latest
26  Algorithms – David McGrath is a genius, says Madeleine Murray! ,
29  Screen Sound Awards – the night of nights!
31   All the winners! Full list
39  How to do it: studio sound series, with Tom Misner
40  Duncan Fry’s How to do it Live Sound series continues
42  BASF Studio Roundup, starts
42  Mastering for people with PC or Mac

58  John Matheson thinks Controlled Directivity is bunk!
52  Duncan Fry writes about The REAL Problem With Loudspeakers
54  Giant Loudspeaker Buyer’s Guide: starts

59  Alanis & Garbage testing out the SuperDome
63  Glenworth Valley mud, mud glorious mud – yes it’s festival time again
64  Punter‘s Perspective Happy Days

69 Beastmaster film lighting with architectural fixtures
70 New Products lighting innovations
72 Product Review: Colortran Innovator
74 Tech Talk smoke taming
76 Product Comparison 1< zoom profile spots
79 Buyer’s Guide: Fog machines