Connections 72 Dec/Jan 2000

News and Features
14    ShowSafe collapses
15    Dili Concert to test logistics
15    Euphonix heads for a new home in Australia
18    ENTECH Awards nominations close Dec 31
22    Western Sydney Uni Performing Arts Centre
25    My Favourite Mic! Brent Gray chooses the AKG C414
24    Rigging Note: safe loads with Tiny Good
26    Gadget Box: a gaggle of gizmo‘s
28    Merlin: Fairlight’s new recorder
30    Crown Showroom gets new PA
32    Hoyts try three sound systems
34    Angel Place Recital Hall
38    QBH – no ordinary club!
40    Letters
42    Millennium Buggered! With Fry
44    Audio Cables 3: Pseudo Science
50    How to do it: Studio Guide
51    How to do it: Live Guide
53    301 opens new studios – It’s the BIGGEST news in music recording in the region. A large recording complex with no expense spared. And an owner doesn‘t mind if he loses money! Hard to believe, we know!
57    BASF Tracking Guide
60    PRO Outlets Directory – where to buy professional equipment
72    Recording Gear: Our Buyer’s Guide updates you on what is new and what it costs. And our SPECIAL REPORT reveals what is hot for 2000 and which way the trend-o-meter is pointing.
74    Buyer‘s Guide: Recorders

77    Elvis – The Concert: Resurrecting the King
80    Orlando shed opera
82    Punters Perspective – Nightfall
84    Atmospheric Audio technical trickery on The Hobbit

89    Vari-Lite now selling through Jands
89    MiniMACs Debut at LDI ’99 Martin on a winner
89    Icon M demo wows LDI ’99 attendees
90    Dual Jands Duel
91    LED Wars writs served
92    Selecon produce architectural fitting – Aureol
94    Theiss ultimate power dimmer by Gavan Swift
98    High End Always Busy – plenty of new gear
98    Australian Companies at LDI ‘99
99    LDI ’99 Best of the Rest new products round-up
102    LX News
102    DMX Foot Massager and more fun products
102    ULA Open in Melbourne
103    Buyers Guide – Scrollers & Colour Changers