Connections 74 March 2000

News and Features
9      Streisand brings home Bruce Jackson
10    DSP changes name, attracts expansion funds, moves to LA
10    BigPond cable modem charges go crazy – 3500% rise ‘not an error!‘
11    Crown, EAW sold off
11    NAMM – the first new audio trade show of the new decade
14    Denon debut new flagship DJ CD deck
15    Shure intro new in ear monitoring system
16    Yamaha introduce new 16 trackI 24 bit digital audio workstation
18    Allen & Heath introduce flagship live sound console
20    Son Of Oxford: Sony show dazzling new digital console
24    Long audio days at Hi-5
26    Saturated Fry: Duncan in search of the fast food holy grail
28    Letters
30    Bad Acoustics: how Barbra Streisand’s crew are set to beat atrocious Football Stadium acoustics
34    Matho’s audio theory – speaker cables – the final word
38    Studio special: how the MDM revolution has now ended. Enter the HDR!
41    Tascam debut MX-2424
41    BASF Tracking Guide
44    Mackie HDR and Tascam MX 2424 – side by side
47    Hire & Production Directory: giant, huge, very useful!
68    Gadget Grab Bag:
70    How to do it! Tom Misner’s studio guide
73    How to do it! Duncan Fry’s live sound guide

73    Staging The Allan Border Medal – an inaugural event for Australian Cricket
76    Australia Day 2000 – loading up a barge on Darling Harbour
78    Utopia – Now a 12 hour show in Hong Kong
80    The Big Day Out – a production manager recovers
85    Foo Fighters – taking it easy

92      Red Hot Chili Peppers – small but innovative
94      Lighting Control Desks under $12,000 – what is available today?
104    Graphics Projection in the Digital Age – get it right
106    Circular Quay Railway Station lit up – a marketing solution
111     Living The High Life – dance lighting designer Allan Parkinson in profile