Connections 75 April 2000

News and Features
9      Concert Acoustics – raising the expectations of the audience
9      ENTECH 2000 Trade Show – a wrap up by Madeline Murray
10    GST – a taxing time for business
10    Big Pond smoothes over an overbilling event
10    Technical Managers in NSW to unite
11     ENTECH Special Report faces and places at the show
18    ENTECH Awards Night – Recognising the best in the industry (p18), Behind the scenes (p30), Product awards (p35)
38    Letters
40    Pan Fry: Duncan fries his brain with noise
41    Tiny Good’s rigging notes – knots and what not to do
42    Data speeds – John Grimshaw says it’s not just size, but speed that matters
46    BASF Studio Tracking Guide

50    Barbra Streisand – Setting the benchmark for concert audio; Clair Brothers i4 PA system exposed (p51); EXCLUSIVE – Clair Brother’s secret technology (p55); Peter Morse’s lighting rig (p58)
60    How to do it! Tom Misner’s final chapter of the studio guide
61    How to do it! Duncan Fry Effects Pt3
62    The Ultimate Rock Symphony – testing new venues
66    Punters Perspective on Jolson

71    ENTECH – your thoughts and opinions
76    Film & TV Lighting new feature starts this month
76    The Wog Boy filming on Melbourne Streets
82    Cold Live at the Chapel quality bands, enthusiastic audience and free beer
84    The Geoff Wilkins Story – appeal for stricken lighting director
86    Contemplating Life and (Television) in the new Millennium – by Rohan Thornton
87    Michael Crawford in concert
89    The Clocktower Centre new performing arts centre to open