CX 12 Jan-Feb 2005

7       We still reckon $914 million is size of our industry; readers poll on best and worst employers brings out issue of pay and conditions; training and the industry

9       Locked Out! Uncompetitive conduct alleged at Adelaide Convention Centre
20    Brian Wilson: SMILE! The album, the studio and the live gig
46    Festival production: Homebake and others
42    Tsunami concert: how the industry came together at a time of need
50    Big Day Out and Sydney Festival: We spoke to the production managers
54    Acoustic Guitar – from a sound engineer’s perspective
56    Living Legend: Jack Singe profiled

10     Smart AV console launched
38    REVIEW: Yamaha PM5D console
52    Duncan Fry: Good advice for small gigs
62    REVIEWS: Mindprint Envoice mkII; Phonic T8100 Tube Vocalmax; Universal Audio LA-610; AMS Neve 1073; E-mu Systems Emulator X Studio; Trident 4T Channel Strip; PreSonus Central Station; Yamaha SPX 2000; CM Labs 64
84    The Plug-in problem

87    Lighting the Tsunami benefit with 32 Hundred Lighting and others
89    REVIEW: GrandMA Micro – small but powerful console for moving lights
92    REVIEW: High End Systems DL2 ‘digital light’
94    REVIEW: ETC Source 4 Revolution
93    My Life in Psychedelia, with Julius Grafton
93    FIRST rock lighting board unearthed, by Peter Evans
96    25 Years (or more) of Automated Lighting, with Ricard Cadena