CX 11 Nov-Dec 2004

8     Introducing Richard Cadena as CX lighting commentator; defending training coverage in mag; Value of Australian entertainment technology industry – first and only summary here
14    Road Food (men need to cook too)
14    d&b launch Q Series
16    Worship Technology – are churches exempt of OH&S laws?
18    Stage Safety – event specialist lays it all on the line
20    Something for nothing – about open source software
24    Line arrays in court? What were they thinking?
30    Manthing: the film – with audio post done in Sydney

36    Mackie tt24 digital live console: reviewed
44    Digidesign take on Yamaha with new VENUE live digital console
46    Foolproof mixing? Digital or analogue, there’s still a nut behind the wheel, says Duncan Fry

48    The Art of Recording. Understanding reverb parameters
52    Float your floor: all about noise isolation
54    Cubase SX 3: coming attraction
54    Charismac Discribe: a Mac based concert CD burning system
55    Focusrite Liquid Channel: End of the line fcr Analogue preamps?
64    NAMM WRAP: 8 pages of NEW THINGS, direct.
71    Taking  Control: 3 new Monitor control boxes

84    ALIA AGM; Martin CEO bows out; Theatrelight win battle
85    Star City adds Clay Paky
86    LEDS: The digital future is here
87    How LEDs work
88    Large format passport touring the world with Electric Canvas
91    New from LDI: lighting goes solid state
92    Inside ULA: surfing the 3 waves