CX 10 Sept-Oct 2004

8     CX staff Western Australia Crocfest odyssey

52    Lighting for video
65    Worship Technology: • Tech Tips • In Ears • Lighting for Church
63    Who’s Left? Fry reviews the sound of The Who
65    Safety: big bang,windward weights
66    Walter Gerin dies
57    Behind Swampy’s Auction
68    The Art of Recording: Simple techniques for recording acoustic guitar
70    How to tune your control room
74    Coming attraction: Sony ProDATA 23Gb on a single disk!
87    Power App Alley: Emagic Logic ES2 Vector + wave table synth
88    Software authorisation: Tech Bench details the traps and tips

13    Olympics Opening! The largest show on earth
57    Touring outback with The Croc Festival

43    Mighty mini’s: 3 baby powered PA speakers; FBT Jolly 8B; Quest Q5A 200; Yamaha MSR 100
46    Allen and Heath’s flagship console, the ML 5000 put through its paces
75    Zero G Morphology, plug in sound library
76    Radial Engineering X-Amp reamplify guitar
77    AKG C4 4 new generation
80    Yamaha 01X system
83    JBL LSR 6300 monitors
85    Tascam 2488 digital portastudio