CX 9 July-August 2004

7    CX adds EQ content; Editorial mission restated FYI; How our training college fits; Do you have an assessment to work in the industry?

10    Pushing hard Creston and Lexicon change direction
40    NEW! Sound and Lighting devices
64    Tool Box: NEW PSP Nitro, multimode filter plug in
64    Furman PowerFactor Pro
64    Wave Arts WaveSurround Pro v4.0 Spatial enhancer
65    Audio Damage Mayham VST plug-in
65    Violet Audio M-Patch passive volume control
69    New Audix mic; New LinPlug Virtual Synth
98    Moved, changed address

12    Weird Sounds. The Dissociatives
18    Instant Stagehands. Lock and Load expand
35    Sound of Symphony
30    Fighting Adversity the Woodie Way
38    Buying Moving Lights – A primer
44    Stageworks Cairns: using training to provide a career path
46    Amateur land, making do end doing well
58    Midas Family Tree. Mixers detailed
84    How to install Lighting Bars

20    Clay Paky Alpha
32    Jands VISTA
48    LSC Maxim
52    Midas Verona mixing console
67    Propellerhead ReCycle 2.1 Time pitch stretching/looping software
71     Pyramid PPP mini monitors
73    Peavey Kosmos Pro bass enhancer
76    Digidesign Impact: compressor/limiter plug-in
74     MOTU MachFive software sampler
80    M-Audio FireWire Audiophile Firewire audio/MIDl interface for Mac/PC
81    JLH AxeTrak guitar isolation cabinet
82    Apple Garage Band! DAW with built in software instruments

100  PowerApp Alley: Cubcase: Livan up dull tracks
68    PowerApp Alley: Emagic Logic patches
70    PowerApp Alley: Digidesgn Pro Tools LE surround tips

46    Simon’s Road Food
51    Secret Shopper: sleuth gets four different answers
60    Worship & Technology. New section for those serving God and wrestling with technology
62    Duncan Fry and tough love at the PA front line
72    TECHBENCH: Tweaking OS-X
85    Safety Digest
89    Training Catalogue