CX 8 May-June 2004

7      EQ Magazine content now featured in CX

8      AKG new C414
8      DEQX intro room preamp
8      E-GO show control: not a dirty word
8      Pappas for Olympics
8      Brown and Enttec: new
9      High End expand The Cat media server
9      MC2 intro new amp
10    Pro Tools 6.4
10    Digidesign -vs- PM5D?
11    ROBE step up push
10    Reader’s Mouse-al-yst
10    Firewire music networks
11    Soundweb for Skycity
11    Church install L-ACOUSTICS
11    LSC appoints UK firm
12    Fostex ship FT-2 field recorder
14    TAG is 20
16    NetCIRA audio distribution announced
16    More Euphonix for SOH
18    Yamaha debut PM5D
20    Meyer announce SIM 3 audio analyzer
20    DPA go cardioid
20    ENCO go TAG
22    More symphony of lights
24    ENTECH tuns 10
30    OLYMPICS AUDIO: How Sydney team won!
38    Lighting The Producers
44    Ban the Par 64
48    Frankfurt 2004. Duncan Fry reports
50    Foxtell Digital launch
52    Safety Digest
54    EQ Magazine starts
88    Classifieds
89    COURSE GUIDE: all our new courses on offer

54    THE FRONT END! EQ features and honours the not-so-humble PREAMP. The road to better recording
56    Assessing your needs. First steps, choosing a preamp
57    Preamp Facts and Fiction. What makes it tick?
59    Preamps in Paradise! EQ talks to the gurus
62    The Pre Amp Buyer’s Guide. Look no further!
70    SESSION FILE: Drums, with SlipKnot
73    Apogee Mini-MP. Dual ch. preamp, comp. EQ
74    Mackie Tracktion. Sequencer, Audio recorder
76    SSL XLogic Channel. Single channel SSL heaven
77    Sony Sound Forge. Audio Editor
80    Fishman Pro EQ. DI/Preamp/EQ
82    Focusrite Trak Master. Single ch. preamp/comp/EQ
83    PSP EZ-Verb. Reverb plug-in
84    Tapco S5. Nearfield Monitors
85    IK Multimedia T-Racks. Turbo charge your mixes
86    Digidesign Pro Tools LE. Surround mixing
87    Cakewalk Sonar. The perfect pad loop!