CX 15 July-August 2005

7    CX Magazine evolves; The Commonwealth bank and Me; APRA and copyright confusion; Craptastic – 16 x Par 64s and how not to light a band

12    Install a PA: big new choices at Burwood
16    Peter Freedman’s long and winding RODE ‘I wanted to kill myself’
22    How to make a microphone!
27    Line Array Comparison II featuring JBL VRX; vAcoustics dv-DOSC; EV XLD; Turbosound Aspect and Nexo GeoT

32    The Producers
34    Birtles Shorrock Goble
34    Renee Geyer
36    Kevin Borich
37    Any Time Sunday? Transport co keeps the show on the road 24/7
42    Stage Monitors for TV
47    Fry in shock: kid chooses drums
48    Dragway sound – installed
50    Digidesign Venue D-Show console

58    Review: e-Iab Foundation 2.0
59    Review: BIAS Soundsoap Pro
60    The Art of Recording
64    Fear & Loathing in Archive City
66    The Men on the Iron Mountain
74    Review: PreSonus FirePod
76    Review: Reason 3.0
78    Garbage Guitars!
80    Review: Tascam GigaStudio 3
82    Review: Rode NT2-A

82    The Showgirl: brilliant I-MAG! KYLIE tour postponed but we caught the earlier shows
86    Media Servers and I-MAG
87    Big Lighting: Big Brother
92    Kick Start your career
94    BigLite: Renewed
95    UHP lamps: hype or hip?  – Richard Cadena
96    ANSI lumens: myths busted – Richard Cadena
98    Robe enters smoke market