CX 16 Sept-Oct 2005

7     Reasons not to be cheerful; people, gear and Telstra

8      Rig crashes at VP60 event. We talk to the owner
8      Look who’s reading CX
9      Neve and Global mixing it in court
10    SSL’s new digital console for post, film and TV
12    Milestones — 2 industry losses: Geoffrey Bielefeld and Joseph ‘Leon’ Schuster; Borich battles on
14    Alcons Audio’s Oz theatrical debut
14    Sennheiser’s ‘entry level’ wireless microphones
14    Altronics still calls Australia home for manufacturing
16    Matt the phone guy talks: Comms and you
16    Revolver first to tout with new GB8 Soundcraft console
16    Madzin acquires Day 2 Night, expands rigs
18    Sony’s Anycast Station on the move after successful SMPTE
18    TAG snags Ian ‘Woody’ Woodhouse
20    PA People and Jands fit out at Campbelltown Arts Centre
20    Ashley Audios Ethernet controlled amplifiers
22    TAG grabs Audio-Technica
22    Tannoy releases new monitor range
24    Shure debut new U-HF wireless mic system
25    CX rubs shoulders with glitterati at Helpmann Awards
32    Cue the wrecking ball — The Q Theatre’s final bash
35    How did comedy chaos on OZ breakfast radio really start?
40    Upon this ROCK I will build my church – Religion rocks!
92    Laserpro’s Thredbo animation show
92    Velvet Rope revamps inventory with Robe 250 ATs and XTs

48    Live 8: What made this production extravaganza work
55    The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra with The Zep Boys
84    Room with a VU: Centreline Studio, Santa Monica


41    CX tests 16 Powered Speakers – No Holds Barred
87    Martin Mac 700 reviewed
96    Hog iPC
93    Martin Maxedia media server
95    ETC AVAB Congo lighting console

54    Right off the Dial: The changing face of radio, Ian MacRae
58    TECH: Audio Software – Amplitude and RME Fireface 800
60    TECH: Controlling Cakewalk with DigiTech foot switches
62    TECH: Three fabulous frequency felons – mastering advice
65    In defense of the big pro studio
70    TECH: Not just how, but where to stick your FX
74    Tool box – 6 pages of the latest audio products
81    TECH: Fantastic DAW fixes and fixers
83    TECH: Hot Guitar plug-in tips
85    LITES: Killer Par Cans
85    LITES: Vista goes to the Footy Show
86    LITES: Do we really need RCDs?
88    LITES: Tungsten revival

56    Duncan Fry falls for the female Leaders of the Pack
90    Richard Cadena: ACN Suite of network protocols, Part 1
98    Advertiser index