CX 2 May-June 2003

7      HANDS OFF THE SEC!  A big new reason not to close the Centre
14    PA AMPS  Finding the best of the BIGGEST! We lined up the highest powered lightest weight power amplifiers and auditioned them. The result may surprise some.
22    FRANK BARES ALL  How well has he recovered from his infamy? Did the drug gaffe hurt?
26    EMAILS TO CX  A cross selection of your thinking
27    RADICAL NEW PA  It appears the claims of a Century of Change – overnight may not be over the top. This is a new adaptation of a known technology that came about with new material technology. CX has a world exclusive – this new system is from a company who do not yet even have a web site. We heard it – it works!
32    SILVERCHAIR – AT LAST!  The long awaited concert tour for Australia‘s own. We draw some parallels with other, less pragmatic, artists. Read our full report on the lighting, sound, vision and staging of this show.
48    FUNKTION ONE Loudspeaker system Road Tested
56    GREAT MIX? ….or just a at or noise and distortion? We talk to The Noise Police about what they do, and how they can control sound or enforce limits on you.
58    Lasers, Light and Sound Hong Kong   Chinese New Year arrives with a bang before everyone hides from SARS
64    Location Sound – in a war zone. Tequilla helps, according to Guntis Sics.
67    Frankfurt 2003 – wurst is yet to come, argues Duncan Fry. A report from the beer zone at the world’s largest sound and light tradeshow.
67    Tradeshow trouble – the argument for changes
70    Bruce Springsteen – and the tour he probably regrets. Mario La Marca details the lighting system for the tour, just before it ran into audience backlash
73    HELP!  Marissa answers you
74    Cooking!  With Aphonse. Fast food
75    Motoring! Go Tarago
77    FEATURE: Show Projection for LDs. The story about getting vision projection for under 25 grand. Things are changing! John Grimshaw details lens, throw, and HOW BRIGHT is BRIGHT. It’s all detailed.