CX 3 July-August 2003

7     Why you are now a member of the Entertainment Technology Association
9     NEWS   What’s new, what’s happening
12   FIRST DRIVE: DIGICO   We put the new D5 console to the 20 minute test! Could you walk right up to this 550,000+ baby and just mix a show without the owner’s manual? That’s the idea. So read about what happened.
18   grandMA: TESTED   You’ll find grandMA at a lot of leading events. This lighting desk has some true believers. We went to see how easy it is to drive, and report what you need…
24   JOHN FARNHAM’S TENT   There‘s only one way to find out what works and what doesn‘t on a tour, and that’s to be there. We got embedded with The Last Time tour as it wound through far north Queensland. This is a major feature with tonnes of pictures!
40   YAMAHA PM1D   Just like the DiGiCo D5, only completely different. These two ultra top end digital live concert consoles shoot for the same market, but do things quite differently. We put the PMID through The 20 Minute Test, to see if it is possible to use it without instruction.
46   DESIGN SOFTWARE   Do you have any idea just how much is out there in the world of lighting design software? We thought we did, until we started researching. This is a major feature detailing a smorgasbord of software.
54   DESTRUCTO! CLUB TECH   We bet you never wondered what a nightclub looks like in broad daylight. It ain‘t pretty but someone has to go fix whatever breaks.
60   AV AT BANKSTOWN   A savvy new installation…
62   MOTORING   VW debut new LT46 giant van
63   HELP!  Marissa reads heads
64   FOOD   Alphonse details a one pot screamer, and How To Boil Rice! (?)
65   EMAILS  There’s some really excellent emails this month. We get it from all sides, and love it!
70   CATALYST V3   The Big Cat gets new features. It’s wild!
73   CHOOSING LIGHTS   How a Moving Light decision was made
80   GLAMOUR   Guntis Sics demystifies
83   VIOLENCE   Is this sport? Duncan Fry
87   BUMPOUT   In memory of Swampy(22MB)