CX 26 April 2007

6     Jacobsens do well with Dancing and Priscilla and deserve plaudits * Plan to sell-off frequencies we use for wireless miss and in-ear systems * Roadie stories well received * Staging Connections support from within * possible live-aid style show coming up

10     Staging Takes biggest Byte Yet
16     Wireless Microphones: Banned?
16     Powa Audio become Powa Productions
18    ‘Shackles’ now GM at Hordern
18     Burswood Theatre upgrades with 180 ETC Source Four
18     Greg Hughes joins LSC
21     Allen & Heath Mini Monitor Mix
22     DiGico hits centre stage at the VAC
24     AKG debuts Micro Mic
24     Aldo Alibrand joins NAS
24     Arriba mirror ball case
25     Audix Introduces DP-7 Drum Mic Pack
25     Intellistage bv Road Ready
26     Turbosound Tour Aspect PA system

26    43 Days to Create a Massive Event: Doha Games in Abu Dhabi
46    I Was a Roadie: On the road with Gary Glitter
50    Inside The Big Day Out
60    The Production Diary

41    Yamaha LS9 digital mixer

58     Duncan Fry – Price Gouge
69     Subscriptions page
76     Classifieds