CX 27 April-June 2007

6    The George tours: Michael and Benson show how its done, in video and live audio skills * Harrison, aged 5 turns house power off so: Don’t underestimate children * Studio engineering jobs not there, despite young people buying courses * Busy industry now – audiences cashed up and business changes behind scenes * Production and Event Managers Association of Australasia – get behind this initiative

8      AV Whitsundays Dawns
8      Great fashion show ideas
10    PEMMA is born! The Production and Event Managers Association of Australasia
10    Starplex Theatre goes AX
10    Digico debut in New Zealand
12    The Electric Canvas add pixels to the palette
14     Martin Audio sold
14     Martin Professional enters profit
14     Audio Visual Dynamics 15 years
16     Zaxco intro plug-on recording transmitter
21     Soundcraft extend with Vi4
21     Edirol R-09 in new colours
22    Enter Mandylights
24    Toy time as CX goes MPS with Mazda
24     Scene Change opens in Wollongong
25     Here comes the Road Hog
25     AMA turns 30
26     Long-throw Toru follow spot from Selecon
26     Tannoy new Dl speaker range
26     Rockstuff on the road with The Angels

30    Charity Concerts: How it works – Do you do it for free, at cost or cheat?
38    Recording The Rock ’N’ Roll Journey: Top Japanese metal band record in Sydney
54    George Benson: Timezones & PA Systems
68    George Michael: 25 Live

44    How to: Do lights by Greg ‘GY’ Yates
58    How to: Set up a wireless microphone system
58    How to: Understand electricity & stuff
64    How to: Read numerical colour code
66    How to: … Bits

38    Industry Pro: Jeff MacKenzie (JMacK) in the hot-seat
46    Way Back When – A walk down memory lane Channels May 1992 & Connections May     1997
72     Duncan Fry – Frankfurt anyone?
79     Subscriptions page
86     Classifieds