CX 28 June-July 2007

6     Buck Freeman Guest Edits as CX staff get married; Industry in Australia and CX magazine positive; better consumer laws here than USA.

10     Crashed and Burned
12     Wireless Crunch as Government Plans Spectrum Selloff
12     AV Partners are courting
18     Staging acquires Boyd AV
21     Helping the third world
22    One minute with Anna Robb
24    Fee Help may arrest backstage staff shortage
25    Hilltop Hoods rapped with Shure
25    DMX myth busted
26    Sony’s PCM-D1 Recorder
26    Pacific Media identify ‘New Era’ Front Projectors
26    Metallica Upgrades to Meyer Sound MJF-212A Monitors and M’elodie
28    New e 912 S boundary microphone: more versatile
28    AKG intro female mic
28    TOA introduces new wireless system
30    Profile: industry Dude Pete’ Zahar
30    Roland Digital Snake at Enmore
31     EAW Helps DJW Meet Club Challenges
32    Yamaha PM5D Version 2

32    Wanna Go to the Footie? Great Balls of Sound
42    Wedges World! Details about monitors currently on market
56    Australian Wireless Audio Group – Industry Briefing
62    Red Ink Tattoos: Kerry Jewel theatrical entrepreneur
66    Which Kind of Technical Person Are You?
72    Moving Lights – The Designer’s Dilemma
74    Outback Show Super Venue

36    Drive a Semi-Trailer
52    Run Your Own Business

35    Production & Event Manager Association of Australasia established
40    Duncan Fry: Royalties – Where’s Mah Money?
50    Roadie Tales: Birth of a Roadie with Julius Grafton
60    History – Walking down memory lane: Channels June 1992; Connections June 1997
70    Richard Cadena: The Electrician is Master of the Theatre Domain
79    Subscriptions page
86    Classifieds