CX 30 Sept-Oct 2007

6     Currency freefall; what we can publish; Wheatley and tax; sound engineers hearing what ain’t there; hearing and cheap earbuds; people in production industry amazing.

8      This Was Not Showbiz: Career Showcase Crashes and Burns at Acer Arena
8      Premier Technology Group Pty Ltd in liquidation
12    Yamaha drop prices for PM5D V2 and DSP5D Mixing System
12    Deluxe Audio chose JBL Vertec 4888 Line Array
12    Murray T opens in Brisbane
16    EAW shipping UX8800
16    Hills SVL Roadshow
16    Better Blinder…Twenty-four of i-Pix’ new mega-bright BB wash-lights
18    TCS Compact for Multipurpose Venue
18    Bose launches L1 Model 2
18    Pulse debut LED screen systems
18    Crazy Events Industry
21    Turbo ad TA-500t
22    The Lincoln – A venue where only the best will do
22    Clifton spin off movers
24    ANSI E1. 11-2004 Revision Project Started
25    RODE build a Babs special
26    Staging Connections Equip Studio 3
26    The Sky’s The Limit for Rooftop Cinema
28    The Police reunion tour
28    Glastonbury goes digital
30    Sydney Town Hall Lights up with Vista and ETC
30    New PixelDrive
30    Wow! Martin Launches LC Series of LED Video Screens
31    MBO Signals New Push Ahead for DiGiCo
32    WAM thanks locked in productions
32    Coca-Cola Live‘n’LocaI Unsigned
32    High End Systems launch hot new mover!
32    Sennheiser Advanced Mic Clinic
34    Scene Change opens in Sydney
36    JTS lower cost I.E.M.
36    All upside for Hills SVL, where the hoist still rules. Julius Grafton meets the guy in charge

40    Shrinking Recording Biz Meet at Iconic Conference
46    2007 Helpmann Awards
50    PA Trouble
52    What’s So Tough About Awards Shows? CX at the Urban Music Awards
66    The Secure Listener Sounds-off: Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefanie
70    Make Poverty History. Make Projection History,
71    Planning for the big gig… A show about audio. lights and video. With dwarfs.


38    PEOPLE: Sean Humphries
50    PEOPLE: Staging Rentals Meri Took
56    Duncan Fry – Budget CDs
58    Ask the CXPERT: Incandescent Moving lights