CX 32 Dec-Jan 2008

6     Livecasting builds; Wicked worth seeing tech-wise; Engineer needs to reacquaint self with mute button; JuliusTV a reality; Respect AV workers; Skills shortage; Marketing equipment efficiency?

8      Musiclink & Billy Hyde: ”We are not the same” they say in perfect unison
10    ENTECH 2008 Sold Out
10    Are you greedy and less satisfied?
10    LiveCast – the new HOT buzz
12    RFID a hot new little helper
12     i-Pix goes Balanced
14     Novatech growing pains
14     Shure competition
14     “The Bastard from the Bush”: O-Line Video Productions
16     AKG C414
16     Crowd Barrier Breakthrough
16     Pope microphone
18     AFL season ends with big shows
19     Telex Wireless Intercom
21     VARI*LITE VL3500 Wash arrives to hugs
21     DiGiCo D5 goes troppo in Darwin
22     Staging’s Fire and London Expansion
22     Australian Monitor goes global
22     FBT intro new powered 12” 2-way
22     Lectrosonics receives patent for Digital Hybrid Wireless technology
78     Alcons OB363 arrayable bass
78     Yamaha roll out free training at ENTECH
79     Electro Kabuki Drop System
79     Industry Internet Page 30 Years in the Making!
8o     Aussie in New York
8o     City Life Church
81      IDT introduces Praxino Rear Projection Screens to Australia
81     TEX Award for Sennheiser and Neumann

24    Reveal – The A380
40    Inside the Sydney Opera House
50    Wicked is Coming
54    Electricity Danger: Lurks unseen and unknown
58    Linkin Park Light Show
32    ASK THE CXPERT: Digital Multicores 101
64    HOW TO: Mopping up earth leakage
77    HOW TO: Make a wireless lecture How To: Make a Wireless Lectern
68    PEOPLE: Corrie Johnson

6o     Richard Cadena: 75 years later McCandless method holds up
70     History: Highlights from Channels Nov/Dec1992 and Connections Magazine November 1997
71      Subscriptions page
74     Duncan Fry: Mixing and playing at the same time
82     Classifieds
82     Ad Index