CX 35 April-June 2008

6    Letters; Phill Tripp Glen Wheatley gaga not cool; More secret company business; Credit to Tom Meisner global push; Chugg best promoter, says Elton; Julius never manager of Pink Floyd; Bullet-proof youth older aches

8      Biz as usual as big show goes on: Staging Connections shakes off share price rout
10    Where now for Gary Hackett?
10    Another HK system for hire
10    Deluxe Audio choose Soundcraft Vi8
12    Trade Show Overload: ENTECH in the firing line as new annual show, new magazine     proposed
14     Wireless Solution features in parade
14     Event Production adds Digidesign’s Venue
14     Save energy. Selecon’s 80V Power System
14     Bosch adds digital recording and playback to Discussion System
16     SSL birth the Matrix
16     APB PrcRack Monitor console maximise in/outs
16     PENN expand RocknRoller Carts
18     RØDE Uni delivers 30,000 videos
18     Vuepix does first gig at Motorshow
18     Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series land at ENTECH
19     Wireless DMX from DTS
19     Letters

22    Norwest Goes Global
32    NEW PRODUCT: RSS M400 V-Mixer
42    Frank Can’t Dance: lighting the So You Think You Can Dance show
50    The Installer: The Tale of Dave the Worm
56    Eh? Deaf Soundguy Challenge
74    Cleanliness is Next to…
58    PEOPLE: MIchael Quinn
62    ASK THE CXPERT: What’s in a Truck?

38    Duncan Fry: the 2008 Frankfurt report
52    History: Highlights from Connections Magazine May 1993 and April 1998
65    Subscriptions page
72    Cadena: Metrics and measuring light
78    Classifieds
78    Ad Index