CX 36 June-July 2008

6      Letters cause issues; Bouquet of thanks; Injured and accidents – spare a thought; Look after yourself; Mono-skilling won’t cut it as lighting and sound boundaries blur

8      THE BIG ISSUE: BIG Brave new world beckons. The action is offshore as skills shortage escalates
10    BIG. How Big is Big?
10    Big Trouble – Band death charges
10    And More Big Trouble
10    Big Union – Tag and Klotz Digital get together
12    Big Beatup: Glenn Wheatley’s Misner connection savaged in media
12    Big Blockage: 15 tonnes of trouble under venue
12    ARX USB-Dl Digital to Analogue Direct Box
12    Jands Holiday Comp
14    Big Little: Low Energy Theatre Lighting London show lit with just 5kw
14    LED Strobe
14    16 in 48 Out Transformer Microphone/Line Splitter
16    PA for Australian Olympic Torch Relay
16    Cutting Edge Upgrades to Riedel Technology
16    AKG release C 214 recording microphone
18    Big Quiet Winter Concerts Pause Just Like Yesterday
19    The Foo Fighters world tour
21    Moving soon… Novatech relocation
21    Martin Pro makes money
21    Ashton budget wireless mic systems
22    Robe tours with Future Music
22    Selecon announce winners
24    Billy Elliot Hits Australia with M’elodie
24    Αnd ηow: ΖΕD FΧ
25    Microhire turns to HK Audio
25    Yamaha add VCM to DM1000, 02RS6 and 01W96

The Julius Campus Μega Τest: The Biggest New Idea In Reviews:
    30    Robe Digital Spot 5000D
    34     Neumann digital microphones
    56    Grass Valley Indigo
    68    Spectra T audio console
    74    Contour Array Floor stackable line array from HK Audio
26    BIG SCREEN: Staging Connections unveils biggest screen yet. Very wide screens are the new thing for big events.
52    Matchbox Twenty Live in Sydney
84    THE |NSTALLER: The Tale Slick Mick
58    PEOPLE: Andy McIntyre
42    ASK THE CXPERT: The CXPERT gets fired up about Firewire


50     Duncan Fry: the trade-show Lanyard
82     Richard Cadena: Lighting for a Small Planet
54     History: Highlights from Connections Magazine June 1993 and 1998
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