CX 39 December 2008

6      Fast money & the 80s; Plead ignorance; New era of getting things done; AMA working hard for wireless spectrum; Readers concur with lighting as I.T. piece; Brighter and louder trend; Be a punter sometime to feel love for industry

8      Musiclink turns down the volume
8      Court Action for Hills Concert Productions
10     Ying Wei Lighting opens in Sydney
12     Midas Launch PRO6
12     CON-SOL debut KIVA System on the Gold Coast
14     DiGiGo launch lower cost console
14     SSE brings Prolyft to Australia
16     Clay Paky awarded for Aloha Beam 300
16     Apple Fights Royalty Rise
16     Quick Quiz
16     Chick Magnet?
22     JBL ScreenArray true to form at Soundfirm
23     Guitar Sponsorship Lawsuit
24     Clair Brothers turn 40
24     CMI to handle MC2 Aucio
24     Yamaha Acquire Nexo, tour Digital
24     Da-Cappo – wet and bright
36     ‘Dead Wombat’ hides shock mount for shotguns
36     Safety drives global hoist market
36     Auditoria expand services
37     Haycom expand
37     Electrical myths and carbon crap
37     DPA debut 4099 Microphones
38     Dolby withdraw Lake Processor
38     Allen & Heath launch recording mixer
38     Adamson and ATT part ways
38     Robe Tungstens for Gold Coast Arts Centre
38     ZERO1ZERO update

26    Moshcam: Concerts on your mobile
50    Pete Murray & The Eureka Factor
56    Climate Crash: Carbon offsets for entertainment – how our work generates pollution and what to do about it
54    INDUSTRY PRO: Les Bishop


60    Edirol P-10 Visual Sampler
64    Strand Palette VL64 console
68    Yamaha iM8
72    Aviom A-Net Pro64 Digital Snake
76    iLED High Output line

40     The Installer: There’s a lot more to installing than winning the quote
42     Richard Cadena: Essential maths for lighting
48     Way Back When: Highlights from Connections Magazine November 1993 and 1998
58     Duncan Fry: Kneecapping yourself for dummies – a beginner’s guide
82     Classifieds