CX 40 January 2009

6     Aust dollar variances & financial crash equals opportunities * Production bubble in Macau?

8       Staging Connections – Sell-off gathers pace
8       Prices rocket as buck crashes
12     Macau slams on the brakes
12     Clair Bros appoint ISL Systems
12     Syntech Launch Q-Flex
14     Outline stacks up
14     JBL Eon reborn
14     AT export line arrays
16     First Church Install for EAW UMX 96 console
16     ENTECH and CEDIA vow to co-operate
16     Rosco’s Charity Gel
16     Gobotech – new premises
18     Small Systems large bird
19     ChamSys Rising
19     Alcons introduces LR7
21     Reader feedback
22     Top Gear uses new Strand Console
22     Riedal Acquires Rocknet
22     New M1 Live Mic

24    Pink: good management supports a hard working star
32    China Insight: ruling the ent-tech world
38    Macau is Poised
54    How To: five fab foldback fixes
46    Industry Pro: Terri Baker

58    Soundcraft V16
64    ChamSys MagicQ Xpert lighting console
68    Tannoy QFlex
72    Audio Technica M3 wireless in-ear monitors

48     Richard Cadena: average and RMS voltage explained
50     The Installer: legal lessons from an install gone bad
52     Way Back When: Highlights from Connections Magazine December 1993 and 1998
56     Duncan Fry: a Christmas wish and my first guitar
72     Classifieds