CX 49 March 2010

6    PA costs same 30 years on  •  Credit squeeze  •  Keep it simple  •  Albert family music 125 years in business

8    Hot Tickets a Windfall for Lighting Nerds: Success stories inc V8 Supercars chairman Tony Cochrane and more
8       Behringer’s Midas a Yamaha concern
10     Ask CX
10     Police get techie with David Horn Communications interview recording equipment
10     Channel 7 Perth add Soundcraft VI6 mixing console
12     TC Electronics Impact Twin audio interface
12     Meyer Sound M’elodie line array for Adelaide Convention Centre
12     LDI award winners announced
12     Richard Belliveau receives Parnelli Visionary Innovator Award
14     A VSound Production fails
14     Bad day on the Green
14     AKG’s new conference system
16     CMI Music and Audio add Quested Monitors
16     AirTools arrives for broadcast audio 16 D&B AudioTechnik B4-sub
16     Australia’s own DSP audio platform
16     Sennheiser to integrate Klein+Hummel
18     CDA Professional Audio debut handy tools
18    World’s first music directory Apple iPhone & Touch app is from Australia
19     JBL provide missing link for Linq Restaurant
20     Tony Cochrane and the seeds of success
21     Solotech coming to Australia – no denials

22    Radiators: 30 Years on tour – ripoffs & road tales
26    Tour Bus Chronicles: Strange days indeed
38    Centre State: Orange NSW’s Centrestate Lighting + Sound company profiled
44    How to… Pianos & Microphones


30    Ivan Ordenes – Profile of audio specialist from Dubology Studios
42    Power Pete: Pete McManus outlines delivering power for events and film

50    SSL C10 HD Compact broadcast console
54    Spotlight Theatre Lanterns
56    Panasonic HPX-172EN Camera
60    Coemar CycLite LED
62    K-Array RED LINE KR100S
64    NTi XL2 Audio Analyser

29     OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: Duty of Care; Ladders; Two Points of Attachment
32     Duncan Fry: Christmas Eve in the Slammer
36     Dr Danger! Variously coiled power leads under load – what’s hottest?
48     Richard Cadena: Sheds light on networking
66     Classifieds


34    History: Highlights from Connections Magazine February 1996