CX 50 April 2010

6     Pending UHF shortage  •  Industry body to represent importers and makers of ent-tech  •  Live Performance Award; Award info hard to find; Positives of Award  •  Better tech shouldn’t mean laziness

8       Cowboy Cleanout: New award a time bomb for rip-off employers
8       Juniors soon to be abolished under new award
10     VALE – Richard Priddle
10     Control Devices formalizes CDA Audio
10     “QSwitch” added to AudiBox series
12     Small shows will carry larger labor costs
12     TDC Expands Team
14     Actor flying system leads 35m venue upgrade
14    VALE – Phil Eastick
16    Mandy and Greg divorce, sell house
16     Turbosound NuQSystem for Busy Production Company
16     Small is not important. Think ZED
17     Shure PSM 900 PMS
17     TOA unveils new TH line array speakers
17     Lighthouse Distribution Ends Distribution of Clay Paky
18     Soundcraft Vi2 – smallest 96-input D console?
18     Yamaha M7CL Series Expands with M7CL-48ES
19     Amber Technology now plays the Blues
19     AVIOM Introduces MT-X Expansion Box For Personal Mixers
20     Footprint Friendly iLive
20     Extra Digital Snake option
20     Beyer add limiter to headsets
21     Color Force 72

22    Wicked: Inside the Broadway Blockbuster
36    Big Picture
44    Kids Camp Mega Test

54    Theatrelight Cuemaster II
58    Base Hazer Pro
60    Manley Stereo ELOP
62    Radial SGI
64    Martin SmartMAC
66    Riedel Mediornet
68    Zoom H4N recorder

30     OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: Labor Hire Duty of Care; Theatre Drapes and Flames
32     Richard Cadena: Foresight and Renewing Computer Processors
42     Dr Danger! Cooking with Current and RCDs
52     Duncan Fry: When Reality Overrides Band Talent
70     Classifieds

34    Who Do I Sue?

40    History: Highlights from Connections Magazine March 1996 & 2000