CX 52 July 2010


6     Feedback on AC/DC too loud  •  Test and tag new hazard?  •  Volume study confirms     fears

8      Behind the TCP Collapse
8      AV Spotlight Towers
10    The House of Dancing Water opens
10    New Tannoy distributor for Australia
12     Orland’s amazing secret life: Audio man writes a musical
12     XT A relaunched in Australia 14 New awards start July 1st
14     Life before the new award
16     Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser dies
18     VR Solutions awarded at Asia Pacific Partners Conference
18     ]ands Tour ‘@ Home’ Program
19     Panasonic announces full HD 3D camcorder
20    Glasshouse enters year 2
21     Footprint friendly: Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing series

22    The Big Audio Story: Supplying audio for festivals
30    Understanding Speaker Systems
34    OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: Who compensates if someone gets hurt?
36    How I spent six months on the road with Billy IDOL and said 5 words to the man
38    Blue tongue Stadium Upgrades With EV
40    Legends of Tower Power: Sydney’s Basement nightclub audio system delivers the goods
46    Back to the Beginning: How CX Magazine got started in 1990
50    Fry from Frankfurt: Tradeshow Report

54     ASL Pro Series Speaker Station
55     SoftPlot 9.2
56     PreSonus StudioOne
58     Beach Tec’s DXA-2T
60     Robe CitySkape Extreme
62     Solid State Logic Alpha-Link 1/0
64     Zylight Z90 Camera Light

28    Richard Cadena: A Load of Watts – LX tech Libby Gray and using portable generators
44    Dr Danger! Explores the difference between ‘flame retardant’ and ‘fireproof’
66    Classifieds

42    History: Highlights from Connections Magazine June 1995