CX 53 September 2010

6    Digital sign-age new growth area  •  Better training  •  Innovation & Business Skills Australia need to  start talking to you and to us

8       CX Pressured not to report stage accidents
8       Johnston Audio to merge with Jands Production Services
10     Contractors and the new industrial awards
10     Entertainment Industry larger than thought
12     Sennheiser and Harman Professional level up
12     Wireless to wind down but not out: The fight for frequencies
12     Missing persons unit: seeking Bob Payne, Paul Burkinshaw, Paul Knight
14     Digital Signage Market merges with AV
14     Jands at Home program – bringing product specialists closer to end-users
14     Philips Selecon unveil SPX Ellipsoidals
16     Roland Edirol debut larger vision mixer
16     Riedel Artist 1100 Series Intercom Control Panel
16     The Marina Bay Sands opens

18     Audi Lighthouse: the AV install for this 50 million car showroom
22    Vivid Festival    and The Electric Canvas
30    Cats Musical 30 years: Touring the Australian production through Asia
34    20 Years of Covers – cover shots of Connections and CX magazines
36    Arts Centre Gold Coast PA Upgrade
38    Southbank Institute of Technology: Ian Taylor is the guide through this unique audio teaching studio
46    DubMobile: Dubology Studios mobile audio recording truck
48    CX 20 years publishing


52     Clock Audio Desktop Wireless Microphone System
54     Personnel Manager Staff Rostering System
56     ETC Element console
60     ROBE CitySource 96 indoor/outdoor LED fixture
62     Radial JX44 Air Control guitar signal manager
64     Riedel RockNet 300 Cat5 network audio router

20    Way Back When: Highlights from Connections Magazine August 1995 and July 2000
28     Duncan Fry – Marks 20 years of mirth with the mag and 40 years of his Harris Tweed Band …
42     Dr Danger! Plugging too many speakers into an amp – what really happens?
43     OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: an index of accidents
44     Richard Cadena: Navigating the world of rigging automation and motorizing machinery
66     Classifieds