CX 54 October 2010

6    Supporting better production skills in South Africa  •  International audio engineers might confer with local house engineers for better sound

8       Borrowing to buy equipment very hard: Bankers stifle production business
8       Gerry Georgettis was ripped off: Former Cold Chisel sound man’s final days in Miami
10     Award pay? Employers say yes, crew say sometimes – new award pay for some but clients pay more
12     Musiclink braces as retailers reject Allans merger
12     Behringer restructure saves $1m
14     Apartheid lives on in production – white owned firms in SA refusing to assist in training of blacks
14     Loudsoft loudspeaker design and analysis software
14     CMI takes on Phonic in Australia
14     Events Merger: Aztech Events and Great Southern Events merge to create Fourth Wall Events
16     Sennheiser rounds off its system
16     Allen & Heath launches first iPhone app for iLive
18     Syntec expands to address the installed sound market
18    TOA releases new D-2000 series digital mixing system
19     Shure adds to SM microphone line
19     Mike Cuthbertson for NAS
19     Soundwarp, next gen
19     FTSI: Amendment to September issue article
20     JBL Launches new PRX600 series portable powered loudspeakers
20     School lighting grid shock horror
20     Another dumb stage collapse

22     Aussies Light Singapore: Colin Baldwin and team design grand opening of Marina Bay Sands
26    Staging What If… Flying a performer or object from a point hoist or hauling line
30    Brisbane Festival: Overview of Launch Production
32    TV Tech Training: the TV production facility at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga profiled
38    Beaudy Trouble – Michael Orland inside the “Worst Musical” ever staged
44    Monitors in the New Era
50    Basement Birds: In the studio with Josh Pyke and others on an Americana project


54    HHB FlashMic DRM85-L1
56    Pathway Pathport: Lighting control distribution solution
58    Grass Valley T2 IDDR intelligent disk recorder
60    ProCo Momentum digital multicore system
62    Audio-Technica 3000 series wireless microphones
64    Edirol V 1600HD video switcher

21      OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: stage collapse alert; hose clamps in rigging!; wind rated stages
36     Wisdom of the Ancients: Richard Cadena discusses lightning strikes and lightning protection systems
42     History: Highlights from Connections Magazine September 1995 and 2000
48     Dr Danger! Tests if shining bright lights into cameras really does cause camera damage
66     Classifieds