CX 55 December 2010

6      Issue wrap  •  TCP PLASMA club systems – Ponzi?  •  SMH Poll Gigs Too Loud

8       ENTECH on Track and on Target for July
8       Summit of audio visual firms
8       Jands Production Services and Johnston Audio complete merge
10      Codan becomes Ross Video
10      QSC and Greg Mackie to redefine live mixing consoles
10      Barco adds 8,000 lumens projector for rental and staging
12      TV studio allows expanded live diploma
14      TCP directors face legal claim over failed plasma scheme
14      Stage survives once in 48 year snow dump
16      Great excuse for a party – CX 20 year anniversary!
20     No crew apartheid here, says Gearhouse SA
20     Philips Entertainment road show
20     Chugg launches seminal book
21     EAW Sydney Launch
22     Norwest first with Lake LM26
22     ARX releases new PC-pre
22     SADiE 6 adds plug-ins bundle
22     Switchcraft debut Studio Patch
22     Territory innovation wins engineering award

22    Massive Audio Visual Pushes Boundaries: Tech Specs of Oz World Fair Pavillon in     Shanghai
28    Jersey Boys Musical: Looks tight, sounds bright
36    Dancing Water: Worlds Greatest Water Show
41    What If? Flying multi-wire battens with a limited budget
44    Adelaide College of the Arts: Profile of AV Technical Training Institution
48    Wireless Futures: How to Fit With Remaining Spectrum
50    Pilbeam Theatre Installation: Rockhampton Facility Gets a refit


54    Avolites Tiger Touch: Touchscreen for the DMX Universe
56    Dynaudio Acoustics BM-5A MkII near-field monitors
58    Decimator Design MD-QUAD HD video splitter
60    Jands SLX-100 motorized lighting batten
62    Epson EB-450Wi short throw projector
64    Tannoy V Series distributed LCR system

32    Duncan Fry: Rivers of Gold Run out for Big Tours?
34    History: Connections Magazine in November 1995 and 2000
41    OH&S Agony Aunt with Julius Grafton: induction cards; steel-pipe LX rig in school and     better AV education
42     Richard Cadena: The importance of good earthing practices explained
46     Dr Danger! The PAR-BQ is born
66     Classifieds