CX 56 January 2011

6       TV Channel version of CX up and running  • Industry survey votes CX #1 again

8       Tom Misner’s Australian Neve
8       Security Issues at Perth Metallica Show
8       Trade Show War Hots Up
10     Weatherproof Arrays for RCF
10     Austage Colour Black With Chroma-Q Color Force LEDs
12     TAG Opens Audio-Technica Lounge
12     Government Still Talking About Wireless Mic Future
12     Klotz ais with Production Audio Services
14     Staging Open New QLD HQ
16     Christie add Projectors and Yokes
16     Audio Products Group launch Tannoy with Australia/NZ Roadshow
20    Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions Expands
20    The Traveller writes from Canada

22    Powderfinger’s Final Odyssey
34    Commonwealth Games Live Audio: Norwest delivers despite tough conditions
38    Jazz in the Vines 2010: We know you’ll enjoy Plugin World, where nothing can possibly go wrong, go wrong, go wrong …
44    Rock of Ages: Toronto show reviewed prior to Melbourne
46    Metallica World Magnetic Tour

50     Lake LM26 loudspeaker processor
52     Selecon SPX Ellipsoidal
54     Shure PGX Digital Radio Mic
56     Audio Technica AT4080 Ribbon Mic
57     Blue Microphones en•CORE Series Mics
58     Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Equaliser
60     Panasonic AG-3DA1E Camera
64     Roland MVS-12 Multi-viewer

30     Richard Cadena: Frequency hopping and the origins of cordless, Wi-Fi and wireless DMX technology
42     Duncan Fry: The junkyard dog of the ARX factory profiled
66     Classifieds