CX 57 March 2011

6      New CX media channels and premises • On ranking production firms

8      Great Escape – Checking IDs for dry hires crucial
8      Greener Grass – Changes to US Grass Valley Group video firm
10     Security in Spotlight – Delay tower climbers reveal problem
10     Warped and Curved Vision – A Festival of Sydney highlight
10     Newcastle SSL Installation
10     Comm Games Debacle
12     The Art of Mic Suspension
12     ULA launch LEDWash
15     Tech Training – moving forwards

44     VOIP and SKYPE – how to do live video feeds on a budget
19      2011 The industry Rant Essay – results from CX state of industry survey
23     Coda celebrates 21 years with full Festival audio
26     A Life in Light – Pip Robinson
28     My Gig – France Millo
32     Sydney siders spend a New Year’s Day in Ibiza
37     Retro Review – gear that are classics, including where to repair

43     Tripod Overload – something for your new ‘prosumer’ video camera
46     Sennheiser MK4 Large Diaphragm Recording Microphone
48     Robe 3000DT Digital Spot
50     Soundcraft VII Digital Mixing Console
54     Blackmagic Design Broadcast Converter
56     Useful Bits – things to make your life and gig easier
58     Epson EB-1775W Projector
60     Audio Technica ATH-CKIOO Earphones

30     What If? A multicore lighting cable with a shared earth?
62     Richard Cadena – Pinspots and whether to dim or not …
64     Classifieds
66     Duncan Fry – Oops – I forgot it: When a vital bit is left behind…