CX 6 Jan-Feb 2004

CX 6        JAN/FEB 2004

6      The Year gone. Learning from what happened helps in the future

8      LSC’s maXim wins hearts
8      Alcons intro “The Ribbon”
8      Brad Schiller’s new LX Programming Book
9      Safety? Yeah right. ..
9      Wireless Boundary Mic
9      Doughty’s new Slimline Quick Triggers
9      Imation Disc Stacker
10    Interactive Technologies
10    ARX debut MicroMedia speakers
10    Bruce Brown & David Jellings depart AM to form ‘Mental Media’
10    Skunkworks solving flat world problems
10    Fibre Education Tour
12    Juliusmedia open campus
12    Jands go solo with Clearcom
12    Shure do dual channel feedback finder
12    Metropolis Audio upgrade
12    2004: a Year of Digital Interference?
14    Massive images via The Electric Canvas
14    New Ethergate
14    Meyer Sound Awarded Patent
14    Coalition of the confused?
14    ALMA -vs- AES
14    Bosch launch in Au
16    The Rox installation
16    Walsh for Olympics
16    Thunderstruck in Perth
16    Syntec reaches 30
16    Trantec wins EDDY Award


19    POWDERFINGER! Road testing the NEXO GeoT – Vulture Street comes home!
38    SANTA’S KINGDOM: An exceptionally good idea, so how did it fare?
44    SCHOOL SPECTACULAR – AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST SHOW: Under estimated show over delivers talent
78    ROBBIE WILLIAMS: The tour that made money

17    YAMAHA’S FUNNY GUY: A great launch for the 01X. So what is it?
18    UNDERGROUND: Two guys, a cave, and 2am burnouts
48    TED FREGON And the tale of two Bytecrafts
50    KV2 AUDIO New approach investigated
70    CLAY PAKY: New dawn in Australia plus interview with Tony Musico
75    NOVATECH Profiled

60    ENTERTAINMENT SAFETY DIGEST. NEW! All the stuff you really need to know. Please copy and circulate.
65    DEATH BY 3 PHASE We’d rather not
85    NEW WRITER: My Life In The Dome
86    CAN THE SPAM? Duncan Fry is dreaming
88    FAVOURITE TOOL? We ask the LDs
88    MORE NEWS! Eric and John go sailing