CX 5 Nov-Dec 2003

7    12 MILLION DOLLAR MAN Will Gary Hackett stay on at Staging Connections now that AAV own it? We detail some history, and applaud the unrelenting effort of a very serious man
7    STAGE DOOR MOTHERS What more can we say? They seem to appear in the media when the news gets bad. Holly and Delta both have one….
9    MIGHTY MAC 550 A rundown on the newest mover from The Martin machine. This is a Mercedes, not a Hyundai!
10    KISS AND AEROSMITH Why? How? (What?] Indeed
10    EMAILS TO US The latest flames, questions, and corrections
81    CUE03 ARRIVES Entertainment Industry Training Package

11    THE PRODUCTION MANAGER James Klein is a young guy going places. His story is an inspiration for anyone who has dreams
16    240 VOLT LION KING The ninth Lion King production is the first 240 volt for Disney. They opened their own office in Australia and have some serious, long term plans. We chronicle the timeline for this beautiful show and reveal the secret of Mufasa’s ghost!
26    AVIOM DEBUT A-NET This is interesting. A very musician based product – the Personal Monitor System – is set to storm across stages everywhere, particuarly in churches. But the underlying technology could just turn up everywhere. It’s new, it’s simple, and reasonably inexpensive. Read more!
32    RUGBY WORLD CUP 5 million dollars, and a huge stadium. How to make an event for the world to watch on TV. What can possibly go wrong? We go inside a VERY big gig!
51    MORE MISNER We published our take on the remarkable book that Tom Misner published on the eve of opening his sensational world HQ. Then the reactions came in …
54    SCORING STAGE It is world class!
56    100 YEARS OF GEL An affectionate history of the stuff we love

76    CAT DL1 Interesting hybrid where lighting meets vision
77    MAZDA RX-8 Reviewed because we can!
80    NEXT GEN PHONES We road test a 3 phone. It sends emails!


61    GONE WRONG It does!
68    VISION INSTALLS What do you need to consider if fitting out a church or conference venue?
71    GERRY WILKINS Our profile. Vision Guy
85    STAGE MONITORS: A further look, inspired by Avion
86    HOW LOUD? Duncan Fry returns!