CX115 June 2016

The Pros of Point Source: Taming a multipurpose hall
Big screen big sound: Taming an outdoor system
Audio Tech Lora Thompson: “Never doubt your gut instinct”

Audio Visual Events
Gearhouse Comm’s

Biz Talk: Helicopter Money
Andy Stewart on Control Rooms and Headphones
Duncan Fry: fun times at the Man Bun Bar

Rufus: Bloom
Hilltop Hoods
Iron Maiden

VIVID    pp8
Show STOP! Who pulls the plug at your gig?
Backstage Academy – it works
Novatech Careers Tour

Soyuz SU-011 small diaphragm tube condenser
GLP Impression X1 LED
Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless System
DB Technologies ES-503
High End SolaSpot Pro 2000 LED