CX116 July 2016

12    NEW GEAR
17    INFOCOMM REPORT: Death of a buzzword
18    Death of a product • What’s your resolution? • The Internet of Things is not really a Thing
20    Big lasers, little LEDS
22    AVB stages a comeback
24    Aussies on the show floor
26    InfoComm pictorial

36    Martin Rush MH7 Hybrid
38    LSC Mantra Lite
40    QSC Core 110F
42    JBL SRX 835P and 818 SP

44    SSO David Bowie Tribute
52    Baby Animals
56    New Order at Sydney Opera House

28    Biz Talk: get ready to be DISRUPTED!
30    The Mill Report: Console Yourself
32    Listen Here: Mixer or Producer? Which are you?
62    ACETA
65     Duncan Fry: Twin Towns or Twilight Zone?