CX151 September 2019


Astera is a match for the Titans
QSC ‘Aligns’ Distribution as QSC Pro Returns to TAG
Soundcorp ends retail sales
Amber Technology launches Learning Glass
Riedel Further Expands APAC
Inaugural Australian Festival Industry Conference
Eventing The Future Sets the Scene in Wellington
Sydney venue rout continues – RHI closes to events
Dave Coxon joins PAVT

New Gear

The Installation Issue
Fortitude Music Hall
Here today… and tomorrow… and the next day; by John O’Brien
Maximise Your Meeting Room Flexibility; Presented by Sennheiser
Bose Professional – Daydream Island Resort
Do you understand? Intelligibility; by Simon Byrne
FCTN Nightclub; by Cat Strom
ANZAC Hall, Prince, Alfred College, Adelaide
Clockaudio’s TIM-1000 Tracking Intelligent Microphone
Princess Cruises Welcomes L-ISA Onboard
The Bille Brown Theatre
Collarts – Reference Monitoring and Immersive Mixing; by Jason Allen

STC’s Lord Of The Flies; by Cat Strom

How To: The Fine Art (-Net) Of Lighting Network Node Selectionl by Alex Hughes

Roadskills by Cat Strom
Childish Gambino
Dope Lemon


Listen Here: Mixing Slash Recording; By Andy Stewart
Dunc’s World: Letsa Go – It’s Super Mario time! by Duncan Fry
Leaders of the NZ Entertainment Industry Acknowledged; by Jenny Barrett                        52

Road Test

Acme Dotline 360; by Adam Volz and Darren Russell
Clear-Com FreeSpeak II; by Anthony Skerman
Avid S6L 32D and E6L-192; by Tony Bryan