CX152 October 2019

Support Act Wellbeing Hotline – free counselling for crew
Spin Off Festival 2019 – Novatech Brings It All for Splendour Offshoot
Easey As: TAG Opens in Melbourne
Labour Hire Licenses– AV firms may breach new laws
Robe globally launches new ESPRITE LED in Melbourne
Safer Trucking – Driver Monitoring Proves Itself at ATS
MotoGP appoints Audio-Technica
Clear-Com Unveils Freespeak Edge
Aveo Systems Appoints Jands as Distributor

New Gear

Integrate 2019
Tech round-up from the show floor; by Jason Allen
How was Integrate? Disappointing and Gross; by Landell Archer
Integrating the Outsider; by Dr Catherine Wolf

The Projection Issue
The Electric Canvas – White Night Reimagined; by Jason Allen
Colour Quality in Projection; by Simon Byrne
River of Light; by Cat Strom
Illuminart – Travelling Light; by Cat Strom
Clipped Music Video Festival; presented by Digital Projection
The perfect projection surface for blending; by Norbert Schmiedeberg

Roadskills; by Cat Strom
Fleetwood Mac
Hilltop Hoods

Listen Here: Immersive Listening; by Andy Stewart
Drones in Drag; by Jenny Barrett
Industry Insider: Road Crew – what to do with your skills?; by John O’Brien
Dunc’s World: Cry havoc and let slip the junkyard dogs; by Duncan Fry

Road Test
Shure Axient Digital; by Marcello Lo Ricco
Luminex GigaCore and LumiNode ; by Ash Neuendorf
Omega Tech Stage Boxes; By Simon Byrne