CX153 November 2019


NSW Festival Legislation – LPA calls for industry consultation   
CMI Music & Audio JBL Training and Showcase Days                 
Real-Time Employment Platform Crew Pond First Public Beta  
d&b auditoechnik launch A-Series in APAC                                  
Meyer Sound Asia established                                                       
Robe gets Cultured                                                  
Allen & Heath turns 50                                                       

New Gear                  

Hair’s 50th Anniversary: 2019 and 1969 compared!; by Cat Strom                  OPTO Projects: Custom Solutions for Unusual Productions; by Jason Allen                 
How to win a Cisco Hackathon; by Landell Archer           
Undercutting: An Open Letter to the Industry; by Alex Hughes            

The Communications Issue

So What is Event Communications? By Chris Dodds       
Wi-Fi and Data Security on Events; by Simon Byrne       
The Next Generation of Full Duplex Wireless Comms; by Chris Dodds 
Two Way Radios; by Jason Owen   
The NBN – Not to Blame, Necessarily; by Simon Byrne   
Riedel’s Bolero & Bolero S: DECT-Based Comms In Stadia And Multi-Purpose Arenas; presented by Riedel          

Roadskills; by Cat Strom
Guy Sebastian                       
Jimmy Barnes                       
Haydn James            


Listen Here: Blood, Sweat & Ears; By Andy Stewart                     
New team appointed at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre; by Jenny Barr                   
Scienceworks Planetarium; by John O’Brien                                
Dunc’s World: PFC Music Services – No, not Power Factor Correction! by Duncan Fry                        

Road Test

Robe T1 Profile by Matt Britten     
ShowPro Neptune 400 Hybrid IP65 by Tim Hall             
Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP X6 by Arosh Fernando