CX154 December 2019


Hills AV business to Amber Technology
The Hills were alive…with the sound of trainwreck
CrewCare launches: Important new charity helping crew
NEW at ENTECH: AV Hour of Power and Education All Day
Vale Anne Kerr
Barbizon Lighting Australia ceases trading
CX Supports
Vale Garry Chamberlain



LDI 2019: All the hot releases from Vegas. By Cat Strom
Immersive Live Sound – The Story So Far. By Julius Grafton
Yamaha’s AFC3 – from Acoustic Enhancement to Spatial Audio. By Jason Allen
Diversity and Inclusion in AV – It’s Our Responsibility. By Toni McAllister

By Cat Strom

The Chemical Brothers
Sticky Fingers


StereoTypical. By Andy Stewart
Live streaming gigs from Blind Chihuahua’s remote studio. By Paula Jones
Say hello to S-PLAY: The smart player for light shows. By ENTTEC’s VJ Suriya
Tips and Tricks: Recording with Soundcraft’s Ui24R. Presented by Soundcraft
Timecode – Staying on Time. By Simon Byrne


Listen Here: Gaining Insight Into Calibration. By Andy Stewart
Set to conquer the US – Fiasco Opens Service Centre in L.A. By Jenny Barrett
Company Profile – The Look. By John O’Brien
Tech Talk: Trending In Production Lighting – Weatherproof Fixtures. By ULA Group’s Simon Pentz
Dunc’s World: Live recordings – the hard way! By Duncan Fry


Acme BL-100 WW and BL-100 RGBW. By Ashley Salta and Wesley Bluff
Acoustic Technologies CLA700A and CLA LF3200A. By Shane Seccombe
Dynacord TGX20. By Tony Hystek and Peter Meredith