CX75 Oct 2012

6 GST Debacle • Behringer X32 • Last magazine standing
8 JitaCam • Solar Genset
9 Helpmann Awards
10 Sydney Opera House • Lighting • Korg and CMI
New Gear:
14 New Gear : LOTS of new gear!
22 Brisbane Festival: Big Lightshow Returns
28 Howard Freeman: Production Manager
30 Hot August Nights. Live with (not) Neil Diamond
34 Worship Tech: Nathaniel Brown on lighting Riverview
38 Now listen here! Mixing main vocals
40 THEATRE: Norwest un-reinforce South Pacific
44 The Maiz worships Behringer
46 Robe Robin MMX Spot
50 JBL STX 800 speakers
54 Riedel Commentary Unit
56 Yes it’s a DI box, from Radial
58 Problems with Denon CD player
62 ACETA on reasons for optimism
64 ESAA on Safe Work Method statement
66 Biz Talk on Super, Fed money, Lightfoot and Renting
68 Live Performance Australia on Greener Live Performances
70 Installer: The Nice Little Family
73 FRY: Telephone Blues