CX76 Nov 2012

6 New for you as we roll out EXTRA sections in your mag!
8 RIP Allans Billy Hyde
8 Mackie reborn with CMI
9 CX Roadshow Program
9 Jands add lines
9 Road Crew Reunion
New Gear:
14 New Gear : LOTS of new gear!
12 VAC strengthens production courses
22 Legends: Sir Richard Newton, Pioneer of lasers & videowalls
26 Listen Here! Mixing main vocal effects
28 Install adviser: The in & out of education audio visual
38 EAW QX point source loudspeaker
42 Yamaha CL: live digital mixing system
46 ProShop LED Quadbar
48 Jands Stage CL LED control desk
52 Ross Video Carbonite HD vision switching
54 Audio Technica LP-1240 USB turntable
56 ROADSKILLS! Our new live gig roundup, with Cat Strom
62 Biz Talk – Getting Hitched. All about The Merger
64 The Mill Report – New! Direct from the studio to you
66 ACETA – Vale (Dr Albert) Neville Thiele OAM
68 The Maiz – An outpouring as only Maiz can deliver
70 Event Safety – The current environment
73 Duncan Fry