9 Nov 2016

Failed Events Co stages a Phoenix?

The Artistry Events Pty Ltd failed last month, as we reported last week. Now it seems Peter Pengly – a former director of Artistry – has launched his own company modelled almost entirely on the failed firm. This gets interesting.

The new firm was registered as The Artistry Life Pty Ltd (ACN 614 862 378) on September 16th, just one month before the directors of The Artistry Events Pty Ltd called in liquidator Worrells. For some time the website URL and email accounts for the (now in liquidation) firm were from the domain ‘The Artistry Life’. Right now the website presents almost exactly the same as it did before the liquidation.

It shows many ‘client’ logos, including household names Vogue, Amex, Dyson, Samsung, YSL, Crown and many others. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is an inert website, except for the actual street address which differs from that of the liquidated co. This seems to indicate that the website is not under the control of Worrells.


The address is a factory unit in the same complex as the liquidated firm, which is/was at Unit 208, 90 Bourke rd, Alexandria. The ‘new’ co is at studio 1.29.

But it could all be a bit too hot right now, as the new firm has just (last week) changed its name to We Are Hum Pty Ltd.

After we published last week, several creditors owed large amounts contacted CX to see if we knew more about whether the failed firm had been paid for a major fashion event the creditors worked on in August. The creditors did not want to be identified at this stage. They said based on what Worrells had reported, the money for the major event may have gone ‘missing’.

We called Worrells and spoke to Damien Beven.

“Are you a creditor?” he snapped? “No, as explained a minute ago, I am a journalist enquiring about a company you have in liquidation”….

“Put it in writing” he grunted before hanging up.

So we sent this:

Re. The Artistry Events Pty Ltd (AE)

I am a journalist following this story.

I appreciate that the creditors meeting is yet to be held. However we have and are obtaining information that funds may be available to you.

Does Worrells know of the new entity (NE) called ‘We are Hum Pty Ltd’, first incorporated on 16/9/2016 as ‘The Artistry Life Pty Ltd’?

It currently has a website: which appears to mirror the site previously owned by the company you administer.

Can Worrells comment on whether it plans any action in regards to NE using intellectual property (website) of AE?

Can Worrells comment on whether it has or will investigate ownership of stock and plant in possession of NE at premises 1.29 / 90-96 Bourke rd Alexandria?

Can Worrells comment on whether it has or will investigate transfer of event contract/s for (redacted event) where it appears AE commenced contract yet funds did not reach AE?

Any information you can share would be appreciated, on or off the record.\

There has been no reply.


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