29 Aug 2016

Fashback: February 1993, our first issue of CONNECTIONS

Connections 1 February 1993 view free here!
News, Views, Products:
For 1993 we see a huge swag of new equipment released onto our local market- with more coming after NAMM! Count the devices!
9      New MIDI Mix from Fostex:
9      Pioneer debut Pro Audio
9      Vari*Lite go legal
10    Pan Command, new LX
10    Tascam R-DAT
10    Apogee Filters
11    Australian installs ‘cheap’
11    Studio Briefs
11    Diary Dates
64    InfoTechnology
64    Shure debut ‘Consensus’
66    Roland, AFTRS course
68    New Mixers from Mitek
68    Prices rise as dollar falls
70    Products from Tannoy, Inkel and Industry report
60    Letters and aggro

14    Getting Rock & Roll on the Road: The experts tell how they got the megatours going – U2, Genesis,    Pink Floyd. The traps, money & details
19    NAMM – the latest in Audio: Los Angeles is the place all the industry giants gather in late January to reveal 1993’s hot new Audio. If you’re into Contracting, Studio or Live PA, you need to read our exclusive report, compiled well past our deadline, hot off the Jumbo from Hell!
22    Lighting Moscow Circus: Catrona Forcer goes backstage at the Greatest Show On Earth
29    Inside Roland’s hi-tech castle: New technology de-mystified by Bruce & Dave
34    New EV PA: Screaming Jets trial new front loaded system
36    Guns & Roses Monster concert: Frontier Touring execute largest logistics at new un-tested outdoor concert sites, Did the Sydney show work?
47    Installation: Peter Blackmore details the M.C.G Sound System
64    Elvis & Me: Aussie Soundman Bruce Jackson tells all!
25    Digital 8 Track tape format war

3 Lighting Columns!
17    Peter Kemp – Intelligent moving lights
26    Dr. Lite – Michael Tanner: New standard for colour filters and other news
64    Munchy Bytes

13    Aux2, foul Gossip
31    Hire Biz Buz
31    International Production Notes – News from Debi Moen
32    Production & Tour Activity
35    Crossword & fun pages
35    Little Sharkey
42    Studio Tracking Guide
42    EX-Track – around & about
50    Duncan Fry: The Return of Chicken Man!
56    Great Moments: My disaster tour
59    Social Pages—who’s where


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