3 May 2022

Installation: Bared Footwear Sydney

Anna Baird created Bared Footwear thirteen years ago to create shoes that not only look good, but were also good for your feet, the planet, and the communities that work in the shoe production process. With two existing store locations in Melbourne CBD, Bared Footwear were looking to expand with a flagship store in Sydney.

After many months looking, Anna Baird found the perfect location in Sydney’s CBD. The King Street boutique is a two-storey masterpiece featuring extensive timber panelling and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The design was inspired by the colonial heritage precinct across the road while incorporating reconciliation, public accessibility and sustainability into the overall design.


Once the architects (FJMT) and interior designers ACRD had created the aesthetic vision, Affective Building Services were engaged to bring the project to life for a client with an eye for design and detail.

Amber Technology’s Technical Sales and Support (TSS) team were heavily involved in the project, with key focusses on the placement design of the Renkus Heinz speakers and JTS RF wireless antennas, as well as providing both installation and post-sales support.

The client was looking for a very simple to use but high-end audio solution, with a particular attention to the placement of speakers, and the overall aesthetics of the proposed loudspeakers.


Part of the audio brief was to have the ability to host in-store events with DJs, plus the ability to have streamlined control of the overall store, which has great attention to detail and a keen focus on customer satisfaction.

The store’s layout, high ceilings, and timber flooring were all challenging for the AV design. Keeping the aesthetics consistent for the boutique was of utmost importance, which created challenges for both antennas and loudspeaker placements throughout the location. Placement of subwoofers also proved to be a challenge, and placements underneath seating in the venue solved the issue for the brief.

The key feature of the audio design of this project was the selection of Renkus Heinz compact CX41 speakers. The CX41 delivers big sound for small form factor. They were chosen for their compact size that delivers outstanding performance. The miniature, space-saving design delivered not only the hi fidelity required but also complemented the aesthetics of the project.

XILICA Solaro QR1 provided the simple-to-use DSP head end and control centre. Solaro QR1 enables frictionless communication anywhere with an ultra-small footprint so that it can be mounted in a variety of discreet locations (such as under tables, behind a display or in a dropped ceiling) and is powered by PoE. In Bared Footwear, the Solaro QR1 was rack mounted in an equipment rack.

The MC2 T1000 amplifier is specifically designed for the fixed installation market and was paired with the Sonance Dual 10” Bandpass Subwoofer. Both were selected for their compact and high output form factor, plus ease of placements and fidelity delivered.

The JTS RF wireless microphone kit consisted of an RU-8011DB receiver and RU-850LTH handheld transmitter plus half wave antennas. This allowed the user to roam over the two floors of the boutique. Lift shafts and other high-density material throughout the build were challenging for radio frequency, and the JTS system worked effectively to overcome this challenge.

“We appreciate Amber Technology’s positive work support which they gave to the entire team working on this project,” said Matias Garrido, Affective Building Services’ Project Manager. “We are amazed at the speed and quality of work Amber supplied with the challenges and uncertainties we faced on a daily basis. Not to forget the challenges posed by a state lockdown, construction lockdown, restrictions, and nation-wide delays and shortages on building material. The ultimate smoothness which we have achieved in this project is only because of Amber’s support for our team.”


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