12 Jul 2013

Martin M-Series V3 Software

Martin has released a new software version for M-Series consoles with hundreds of improvements and a new user-interface. The new v3 software features faster start-up time, show loading and more efficient access to functions. The user interface has been optimised for touch and gesture technology. Users can swipe to move from view to view, access other playback banks quickly or change parameter selection. Double tapping on playback status accesses its functions and options. Additionally, users can enlarge the quick slide out for visual parameter control.

Martin’s M-PC v3 is a real PC-based controller with a user-interface optimised for any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC. M-PC Free Edition is available for one universe over Artnet as well as the popular ENTTEC DMX devices. It’s also possible to use the M-PC with two universes using any Martin Duo-DMX box. When using its One-Key dongle license, the universe count can be increased to 8 and even 64, making M-PC one of the most powerful lighting PC controllers in the industry.


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