27 Jun 2023

More Mathematics

The algorithm behind the sums

April 2023 saw CX Magazine profile audio and lighting aspects of Ed Sheeran’s + – = ÷ x (Mathematics) Tour as it came through Australia.

Editor Jason Allen caught up with some of their crew to see how they pulled off an amazing looking production.

He visited the setup of March’s MCG show, mere hours before 100,000+ fans swarmed the stadium. They were there to see their idol. Jason was there to drool over Meyer Sound’s PANTHER array and talk with PA system technician Charlie Albin about how it works with the unique staging structure of this tour. We featured it here:

Jason also spent time with touring lighting director Matt Jones to chat about GrandMA3 and how well it suited a complex but structured show.

As their tour heads on around the world, we’ve uncovered a video interview with Matt, Charlie and other tech crew from this mega production. Germany’s Event Elevator have put together a slick presentation covering how each department covered some intriguing challenges:

It’s a great watch and an interesting insight on many levels. (Note: site is in German)


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