13 Apr 2022

New Gear April 2022

Ashly Audio SP-8.1P

The new SP-8.1P subwoofers are designed with a dynamic 8-inch woofer with ferrite magnet, front loaded into a bass-reflex and a 0.6” reinforced plywood enclosure. It can handle up to 150W at 8 Ohms, with a sensitivity of 95dB (1W@1m) and a frequency response of 43Hz-180Hz (-10dB). For maximum effect, pair the subwoofer with Ashly’s nXp 400 or higher or Pêma 4125, 4250, 8125, 8250 amplifiers. The subwoofer line is available with a textured paint finish in both black or white.

New Zealand: NAS or (09) 414 4220

ETC Cyberlight LED

The Cyberlight LED is a moving mirror fixture with high-speed pan/tilt movement. The 470W Bright White LED engine and the high-quality optical system delivers 12,750 field lumens with 90+ CRI for superior colour rendering capabilities. A full complement of features are included on Cyberlight LED for creative design possibilities, including colour mixing plus colour wheel, dual rotating pattern wheels, zoom, focus, iris, prism, and diffusion.

New Zealand: Jands NZ or 021 674 601

ETC Apex

With three sizes to choose from – the Eos Apex 5, 10, and 20 – this latest release ushers in the next generation of ETC’s flagship controls line. The massive multitouch displays offer generous screen real estate for Magic Sheets, Direct Selects, and Augment3d models, and feature eye-strain-reducing 4K resolution. New-to-the- industry technologies provide programmers access to their most-used tools, right on the face panel. The familiar Eos Family programming keypad has been enhanced with a touchscreen that thumps with haptic feedback when you press your soft keys or mapped content. Eos Apex also introduces customizable Target Keys for your Direct Selects, which boast individual OLED displays that can be customized with images, icons and text. The encoder area from the Eos Ti console has been expanded to include eight mini-encoders and a navigation dial to easily switch between parameters. The five, ten and twenty motorised Playbacks on each Apex console (respectively) now boast an additional, separately mappable scroll wheel for on-the-fly programming. With more buttons, encoders and Playbacks than ever before, Eos Apex makes fast, hands-on programming a breeze – all while maintaining the familiar, sophisticated look and feel that users of the family love.

New Zealand: Jands NZ or 021 674 601


The DIN Pixie is a robust and reliable installation-grade DMX-to-SPI pixel converter and standalone player designed to make control of LED pixels easy. Control two Universes of DMX (256 RGBW, 340 RGB or 1024 White 8-Bit LEDs) from the DIN Pixie. Use its DMX inputs, stream to it from a computer plugged in using USB, or set it to play a one Universe standalone show you’ve created and saved to internal memory.

New Zealand: Kenderdine Electrical or (09) 302 4100

ENTTEC Pixelator Mini

The Pixelator Mini is an installation-grade Ethernet pixel converter designed to make control of LED pixel dots and strips simple. In total, the Pixelator Mini can convert up to 8,192 channels (2,730 RGB pixels) across its 8 PLink outputs (2 Universes per port) with perfect synchronisation across each. The Pixelator Mini acts as the head end of ENTTEC’s PLink control system. The PLink data it generates can be sent up to 300m using standard CAT6 cabling to plug into ENTTEC’s compact power injection modules and LED dimmers.

New Zealand: Kenderdine Electrical or (09) 302 4100

ENTTEC Storm 8

ENTTEC’s Storm 8 is a compact, eight Universe installation-grade Ethernet to DMX gateway designed to make controlling DMX lights over Ethernet simple. Convert sACN or ArtNet to DMX easily. Power the Storm 8 using either the DC PSU included in the box, or Power over Ethernet (PoE). Install it using one of the four mounting options, then configure and update it from anywhere on your network using its intuitive web interface. Its convenient 8 RJ45 DMX outputs make cabling familiar to installers and offers ultimate flexibility if you ever want to expand your infrastructure in future.

rdine Electrical or (09) 302 4100

Ayrton Domino LT

Domino LT is the first LED luminaire in Ayrton’s ‘LT’ (Long Throw) range. Designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications that require high precision, it is equipped with an all-new high-efficiency 1,000-watt LED module. Delivering luminous flux of 51,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6700K, Domino LT’s colour mixing system offers a double level of CMY saturation that can obtain 281 trillion colours (patent pending) and a triple corrector for variable colour temperature that allows subtle adjustment from 2700K to 15000K and significant CRI improvement.

New Zealand: Show Technology New Zealand (09) 869 3293


The EclProfile CT+IP is a tuneable white and full colour IP LED ellipsoidal designed for outdoor use. It uses the same 6-colour LED source as its indoor version, but with a 30% higher lumen output, as it’s equipped with a bigger power supply and heat sink. The fixture takes any of the standard lenses and accessories of the EclProfile range. Its custom LED array and the powerful on-board colour control creates bright and high-quality whites up to 97 CRI, keeping consistent colour output and ensuring total control of the light. The feature set includes theatrical functions such as tungsten emulation, LEE colour presets, and virtual CTO, and studio functions including green and magenta tuning on white presets.

New Zealand: Show Technology New Zealand (09) 869 3293


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